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We have a new product that we are pleased to introduce to you-Savont magnetic soap holder.
With the tagline-‘Let soap float’ Savont have created an innovative alternative to the traditional soap dish.
It is very simple, a magnet attached to a strong suction cup is affixed to the surface and another magnet is inserted into the soap. This means you can set up the Savont in seconds, without drilling or gluing.

Our glycerine soap is classed as a ‘soft’ soap so it easier to insert the magnet compared to a harder soap.

The benefits of the Savont soap holder are:

  • Always dry-Your soap can dry completely because it doesn’t rest on anything.

  • Sink stays clean-Your sink stays clean. No traces of water or soap outside the sink.

  • Saves soap-Solid soap last longer stored this way as it doesn’t disintegrate.

  • Reusable-The Savont Soap Holder can be moved and attached elsewhere again and again.

  • Environmentally Friendly-Solid soap is a more eco-friendly alternative to a plastic bottle filled with shower gel.

  • Decor-You can choose a soap that complements your bathroom and change your themes.

  • Minimalist- No bottles or dishes cluttering up washbasins or countertops.

We have ordered a small amount to trial with our loyal customers and would love to hear about your experience and feedback.

We have two sizes that are suitable for soaps up to 150g (CLASSIC) and then our bigger bars up to 250g (JUMBO).


We also have a 3-pack of the CLASSIC size, which offers a super saving.


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  1. Debbie Barnett

    ‘have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful….’ William Morris

    This is a wonderful thing, it ‘sparks joy’ every morning – the soap is help at a sensible level, no gooey residue in the corner of the shower – what’s not to like?

    I wish we had bought one of these decades ago!!

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