About Us

Droyt Products Ltd is an old established manufacturer of exceptional glycerine soaps, first founded in Belarus in 1893. We are a privately owned, independent company and we have been making soaps in England since 1938. We use the best quality ingredients to make a soap which is aesthetically pleasing and very well regarded.

We are also interested in developing our range to include new ingredients and dispensing methods. For example, we have launched our first shaving foam, which is a formulation based on our DROYT shaving soap bar. By using potassium hydroxide in the saponification process, we can make a liquid soap instead of a solid soap bar, and with a few tweaks, and making use of new dispensing technology, we have produced an excellent shaving foam, powered only by hand pressure and air! No aerosols and no extra chemicals. We also now offer Foaming Body Wash, in family-sized dispensers.