Look what we found! This must be from the early fifties although there’s no date on it. When we first produced PC49 the retail price was  1s/3d, which is what it says here and that was in 1950 when you also had to use a ration coupon.

PC49, and our othr figures soaps were made with a special fragrance (and soap) called Tah. We bought soap noodles (raw soap supplied in sacks) from Lever Bros. (as they were then) and milled the soap before cutting into billets and stamping in our special moulds

Quite a few of the figure soaps had glass eyes. I don’t think we’d get away with that today!  However, you can still get a safe gold paint, so if we ever wanted to make PC49 again, (who had gold buttons and helmet crest), the painting would be the least of our problems.

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  1. Got my latest order,as usual perfect,Thank You for the message.My whole family love your soaps, they keep our skin moisturised and the men really like the shaving soap.

    Regards Norma

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