Costs of Brexit

Although we don’t import directly, all the oils we use (coconut, castor and sustainable palm) are commodities which are traded worldwide in US dollars.  After the vote on 23rd June 2016, the pound dropped in value and nearly all our costs went up. We hoped, of course (like everybody), that this would be a temporary […]

It’s Just Historical

Look what we found! This must be from the early fifties although there’s no date on it. When we first produced PC49 the retail price was  1s/3d, which is what it says here and that was in 1950 when you also had to use a ration coupon. PC49, and our othr figures soaps were made […]

DROYT in Russia (a short history with pictures)

DANISCHEWSKY FAMILY Pavel Danischewsky was the grandson of the original founders and the man who brought the soap company to England after leaving Berlin in the late 1930’s. During his life he witnessed many remarkable things. He was an inveterate story teller. I was lucky enough to hear a few and I remembered one the […]


To UCLAN and a talk about Droyt’s and international trade to the International Business students. There is isn’t so much to say on the subject these days. In the past we exported about 60% of turnover, but now the figure is more like 25%, although indirectly that will be higher because we make soap for […]

Wheels off at Droyt’s

So we have a load of old stuff in the factory. In fact let us call it ‘Heritage’ equipment. Sounds much more valuable. A lot of this stuff was built in the days when obsolescence was a dirty word and when over-engineering was the same as engineering. Why make something extra light and manoeuvrable when […]