Vegetas Glycerine Soap 125g


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This soap was developed in the late 1980’s as our first totally vegetable oil based glycerine soap, using castor, coconut and palm oil. ¬† Since then, all our soaps have become entirely vegetable-based (traditionally we used beef fat) and are suitable for use by Vegans and Vegetarians.

However, Vegetas still has a place in our range because of the fragrance, which was the last fragrance we developed entirely in house by our previous and current Managing Directors.


It is a fresh, green perfume with citrus notes and has become a popular choice for our customers.


Contains Sustainable Palm Oil
Vegan & Cruelty-Free


Keep dry when not in use.


sodium cocoate, aqua, alcohol denat., sucrose, sodium castorate, sodium palmate, glycerin, polysorbate 80, parfum (natural), o-tolyl biguanide, CI 15510, CI 61565.