Something for the diary?

For any of our customers and fans who like to plan their viewing well in advance, we will be featured on Antiques Road Trip on BBC1 on Friday 1st December at 3:45pm! David Harper comes to visit to look around and talk about the amazing history of the company.

Back on TV

We will be back on TV soon with the new series of Antiques Road Trip. We don’t know exactly when yet but watch this space and we will update this post as soon as we have news.

Salvage Hunters

Hello soap lovers. Anyone who wishes to see the factory in all its glory could tune in to Quest at 9pm tonight (25th September 2019) . Drew Pritchard and the team at Salvage Hunters came round to see if we had anything worth buying. Watch to see if we did! And to be amazed at […]

Costs of Brexit

Although we don’t import directly, all the oils we use (coconut, castor and sustainable palm) are commodities which are traded worldwide in US dollars.  After the vote on 23rd June 2016, the pound dropped in value and nearly all our costs went up. We hoped, of course (like everybody), that this would be a temporary […]

Wheels off at Droyt’s

So we have a load of old stuff in the factory. In fact let us call it ‘Heritage’ equipment. Sounds much more valuable. A lot of this stuff was built in the days when obsolescence was a dirty word and when over-engineering was the same as engineering. Why make something extra light and manoeuvrable when […]