DROYT glycerine shaving foam 250ml


Droyt glycerine shaving foam, large size, with dispensing pump. This foam is lightly fragranced with our eau-de-cologne.

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This is our specially formulated shaving foam. It is a fantastic air pumped foam (i.e. not an aerosol) which has good longevity and excellent shaving characteristics. It is lightly scented with our classic eau de cologne as found in our D151 Special Glycerine Soap

Droyt’s shaving soap is designed to provide a long lasting lather with small, tight bubbles to help the blade glide smoothly.  The formulation also includes our normal healthy slug of glycerine, which helps stop the skin drying out so much during the shaving process, leaving it feeling smoother and softer. For best results, soften the beard with a hot cloth placed over the face for a few seconds, and move the razor with the grain rather than against.