DROYT Foaming Body Wash 250ml

Our new range of foaming body washes in a new dispenser featuring all the same fragrances currently on offer in our liquid soaps.

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Say goodbye to blocked nozzles with our new dispenser! A special foaming head makes the soap come out as a creamy foam, ready for use without any careful pressing. Push as hard as you like and the foam comes out perfectly every time. The only downside is that you have to pick it up to use it, but since it’s a tall bottle, that’s actually quite easy to do.

All your favourites are here. Also note the lower price! Just for a while, you understand, before we return it to it’s proper place. Sad for you but good for us. Happy foaming.

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Droyt Foaming Body Wash

Organic, Revitalising, Relaxing, Anti Bacterial, Uplifting, Botanical